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Marleen B.Berg



Blessings, as my husband Roel Bosch and I sent every year to people we know. The words by Roel, the photo and imaging by me: blessings! 

The photo is taken near Reiff, Achilitbuie, near Ullapool. The remote North-West of Scotland is a place we come back to time and time again. 


I am inspired by disintegration and texture; words and music;

life and its source.

Searching for the base, the well.


The psalms and the gospel, prophets, and mystics attract me and push into action.

I don't try to make an image of God;

I would rather reflect and show fragments of the power that I experience/feel, the movement that attracts me.


At the moment my website is just in dutch. If you have questions please ask:



Blessings! The blessings - of symplicity and light; of simply going where the road leads you; of a sudden view; of listening to a song detaching itself from time.
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